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Terms and Conditions

Life Is A Party Rental Contract

Tent Sleepovers


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Thank you for choosing Life Is A Party Slumber Co. Before you rent our set up, please make sure to thoroughly read and understand our terms and conditions.  Please sign & initial the contract in the appropriate areas with our policies and terms of our service agreement.



 __________: A 50% deposit is required to book a Life Is A Party Slumber Co. event. Remaining 50% payment is due 4 days prior to event date. Full payment is due if event is less than two weeks out.

 ___________: Once you have signed this contract you may always add guests (if items available) but cannot reduce guest count.

 ___________: In case of a cancellation for any reason - IF canceled prior to 4 weeks of event date, the deposit is refundable, minus a $125 administrative fee.

 __________: If the party is canceled for any reason, less than four weeks from party date, your deposit is nonrefundable.

 __________: If rescheduling due to illness, change of plans/date or family needs – Life Is A Party Slumber Co. will do our best to reschedule your event to a new date and time. Your deposit will be applied toward your new party.


Party Equipment:

 ________: Life Is A Party Slumber Co. will provide a checklist of the rental items at the time of delivery, which will be provided by the Life Is A Party Slumber Co. representative and verified by the client.

________: It is the client’s responsibility to return all the items in perfect condition the next day

 ________: Any damages, or lost/stolen rental equipment will incur a cost equal to its replacement. Client will be charged prior to Life Is A Party Slumber Co. representative leaving with the rental equipment.

 ________: If the equipment is not available for pickup or returned as previously specified, Life Is A Party Slumber Co. reserves the right to charge for additional time.



 ________: Life Is A Party Slumber Co.reserves the right to deny a party upon initial inspection of the space. We will refund your total minus a $125 processing and travel fee if the space does not meet our expectations.

 ________: A clean and safe place for the setup must be provided.

 ________: A non-smoking environment must be provided at all times during the teepee rental.

________: If your party is outdoors, please make sure that the area has been properly cleaned, especially from pets.

 ________: Pets, makeup, slime, food and drinks are prohibited inside the teepee.

________: Any stains inside or outside the equipment will result in a penalty charge of $100.


Liability to Third Parties

 ________: Life Is A Party Slumber Co. will not be held responsible for accidental damage caused by your guests.

 ________: Life Is A Party Slumber Co. assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused during your party.

 ________: Life Is A Party Slumber Co. will not be liable for claims for personal injury or death while using the rental equipment.

 ________: As the client, I understand that supervision is an assumed responsibility.


 ________: Life Is A Party Slumber Co. reserves the right to use photographs taken at your event in any promotional media controlled by us. You will always be asked prior to photos being used/taken by a staff member.


Party Details: (filled out by client)

Guest of honors name: _______________________________________________________

Guest of honors birth date: _________/_________/_________ month/day/year

Event type (select what applies)

Yes/No: Sleepover party just for fun

 Yes/No: Sleepover birthday party.


Party Details:

 __________: Drop Off and Pick up time is subject to change. We strive for no later than 4pm drop off and between a 10-2PM pick up the following day.

 Party Date:

Estimated Life Is A Party Slumber Co. Scheduled Drop off time/date:


 Estimated Life Is A Party Slumber Co. Scheduled Pick up time/date:

 Total Cost:

 Deposit Due:  

First Payment Amount Remainder Due 4 days prior to party

Last Payment Amount:



By signing below, I accept all terms and conditions plus payment schedule and amount due. _______________________________________________________ ___________________

Client Signature


Date Signed _________________________________________ ____________

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