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DIY Setup Instructions

Setup for our slumber parties are very similar no matter the theme. These are basic instructions in the order we've found it easiest to set up our tents. Use these steps and the picture of the theme you chose, found under "Themes," to help guide you in your setup.

  1. Lay out all mattresses to find the best layout for your party

  2. Put sheets on all mattresses

  3. Put the tents over the back end of your mattresses

  4. Add flowers garlands/vines onto tent polls if applies to your theme

  5. Hang garlands between tents

  6. A frame tents: Wrap one end of string lights up the outside poll an outside tent, draping between tents, then wrap again around the outside poll of the other outside tent. The wrapping ensures the string lights are secure. 

  7. Add any additional decor on the tent

  8. Put blankets on the mattresses

  9. Arrange throw pillows on each bed

  10. Put breakfast tray on each bed. Put on nightlight/decor. 

  11. Put letter board on the birthday child's tray. 

  12. Lay out fur rugs in front of each bed.

  13. Enjoy your night!

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